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Slovenian premium liquid cooling products manufacturer meets customer demand faster with AI

Slovenian company EK Water Blocks is a leading manufacturer of water cooling, extreme cooling, and air-cooling products for computer processors and memory devices—serving customers in more than 30 countries. However, its continued growth quickly made answering to its customer queries a challenge, and EK saw the need to optimize and automate its customer support process. […]

Smart Pricing: Fine-tuning price strategies

The term Smart Pricing is often associated with offering lodging and tourism experiences. It is used to recommend prices according to accommodation characteristics and automatically adjust them to daily, weekly and seasonal fluctuations in demand. The user can still set the minimum and / or maximum prices he is willing to offer, and include additional […]

A brief insight into AI supported customer ticketing

Our company made a special AI interface for sorting and classifying customer support requests. Every client creates a ticket in case of a question or a request for help. The ticket can be created on our customer’s website or emailed. Even though, there are two distinct options available (logistics question or technical support question) and […]