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What is AZURE OpenAI?

OpenAI models support many applications of Large Language Models. Especially those, concerned with content generation. These models can summarize text, find information, respond to queries that are formed in natural language, etc.


Useful for

Example: Question answering based on documentation

Instead of growing through the large sets of documentation for internal operations, project specifics or to find similar projects, you can simply use a Large Language Model system that finds the right context among your documents and retrieves the answer to your question (prompt). This can significantly save time when starting new engineering projects or searching for internal regulation, etc.


Increases marketing, communication and operational efficiency and enriches creative processes. Since the models are deployed in your Azure workspace, you retain the information inside your environment.



Top 5 Use Cases

1. Sentiment analysis
2. Mail classification (offer, support ticket, …)
3. Question answering system
4. Marketing material generation
5. Text summarization