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PRO 360°

PRO 360° End-to-end solutions tailored specifically for you Consulting Whether you need to analyze your data, optimize your processes, automate your tasks, or create innovative products, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. Let us show you how we can transform your data into value. Development in R & Python R and Python are the go-to programming languages for data analysis, statistical modeling, and automation. Our experienced team of developers harnesses the full power of R and Python to help you uncover valuable insights, streamline processes, and drive innovation. Data Engineering Transform raw data into actionable insights with our expert Data Engineering Services. Streamline your data pipelines, integrate seamlessly, and unlock valuable opportunities. Data Science Gain a competitive edge by leveraging the predictive power of data science. Our team of skilled data scientists specializes in advanced statistical modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to uncover valuable insights that propel your business forward. DWH Say goodbye to data chaos and hello to streamlined operations. Our robust Data Warehousing Solutions provide a centralized repository for all your structured and unstructured data, ensuring easy access, efficient storage, and seamless integration across your organization. BI and Visualization Change complex figures into captivating images that paint a picture. Our BI and Visualization solutions enable you to obtain an intense knowledge of your business, detect trends, and confidently take action based on facts.


What is AZURE OpenAI? OpenAI models support many applications of Large Language Models. Especially those, concerned with content generation. These models can summarize text, find information, respond to queries that are formed in natural language, etc. Why? Improve efficiency when searching for answers or doing creative work Generate ideas for marketing material Improve access to knowledge inside the company Useful for Marketing Sales Engineering Operations Example: Question answering based on documentation Instead of growing through the large sets of documentation for internal operations, project specifics or to find similar projects, you can simply use a Large Language Model system that finds the right context among your documents and retrieves the answer to your question (prompt). This can significantly save time when starting new engineering projects or searching for internal regulation, etc. Benefit Increases marketing, communication and operational efficiency and enriches creative processes. Since the models are deployed in your Azure workspace, you retain the information inside your environment. Roles Marketing Manager Head of Sales BI Analyst Head of Operations Industry Banking Pharma Insurance Top 5 Use Cases 1. Sentiment analysis2. Mail classification (offer, support ticket, …)3. Question answering system4. Marketing material generation5. Text summarization


What is Reporting? Reporting is the process of collecting, analyzing, and visually presenting your data. Reports are automatically updated daily, ensuring you have the latest information. Why? To get valuable insights and analytics from your data To make data-based decisions and drive business growth Centralization of relevant data Useful for Executive Management Finance and Accounting Sales and Marketing Operations and Supply Chain Human Resources Top 5 Reasons 1. Save time on data analysis2. Real time data visibility3. Accuracy and consistency of data4. Scalability5. Actionable insights

Sales Forecast

What is Sales Forecast & Stock Optimization Sales forecast is the prediction of future sales based on historical trends and external factors such as weather, events, discount, etc. Stock optimization is the process of maintaining the right amount of stock required to meet demand by using information of sales forecasts. Why? Stay competitive by planning growth or decline in sales. Improve business decisions on a daily basis by ensuring adequate stock of products and raw materials. Useful for Sales Team Purchasing Department Planning Team Sales Forecast Example The image above shows an example of sales forecast for specific product. Predictions are made every month (Today) for next 6 months (represented with blue line) based on historical sales data (represented with green line). Benefit Reduce the number of out-of-stocks Reduction in inventory value -> Enhance profitability Enables continuous strategic and financial planning Roles Head of Sales Supply Chain Director Production Manager Industry Telco Retail Pharma TOP 5 reasons 1. Consolidated data2. Increase of employees effective work3. Automatization of business processes4. More efficient production cycle5. Increase of customer satisfaction


What is Churn? Customer churn model is a tool that identifies soon-to-churn customers and provides explanations for churning. Besides churn prediction, the solution offers valuable insights into the decision-making processes of the predictive model. Marketing managers can obtain detailed information regarding the factors influencing the predictions for individual customers and enabling them to create highly personalized offers tailored to their unique needs and preferences. Why? Identify customers with high churn probability Identify behavior trends which lead to customer churn Build customer trust and loyalty Useful for Marketing Customer Relations Sales Churn Example Product is designed to predict customer churn probability based on historical trends, customer behavior and external factors. Methods and formats are tailored forthe requirements of the business process. Benefit Increases marketing effectiveness and improves customer interest in services with a personalized marketing content. Roles Director of Marketing Marketing Manager Head of Sales Campaign Manager Industry Banking Telco Insurance TOP 5 reasons to churn 55% 1. Less credit card transactions compared to previous months2. Soon to repay personal loan3. Low number of products4. Client is younger than 35 years5. Above avarage monthly income


What is NBO? Next Best Offer is a form of personalized marketing based on predictive analysis. It recommends the services or products in which your customers are most likely to be interested in. Why? Increase sales across your wider portfolio Support personalized marketing Improve customer experience Useful for Marketing Sales NBO Example In the example above we can see predicted likelihood of service purchase of 3 customers for 3 services (A, B, C). Here we propose services users are most likely interested in (checkmarks). However, we could also take an approach where we would balance the recommendations accross the whole portfolio. Benefit Increases marketing effectiveness and improves customer interest in services with a personalized marketing content. Roles Director of Marketing Marketing Manager Head of Sales Industry Banking Telco Retail Insurance Top 5 reasons for John The following features have contributed the most to recommend service B to John:1. John has high income2. John is a high spender3. John has low balance4. John is a mobile app user5. John is a web app user