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What is Churn?

Customer churn model is a tool that identifies soon-to-churn customers and provides explanations for churning. Besides churn prediction, the solution offers valuable insights into the decision-making processes of the predictive model. Marketing managers can obtain detailed information regarding the factors influencing the predictions for individual customers and enabling them to create highly personalized offers tailored to their unique needs and preferences.


Useful for

Churn Example

Product is designed to predict customer churn probability based on historical trends, customer behavior and external factors. Methods and formats are tailored forthe requirements of the business process.


Increases marketing effectiveness and improves customer interest in services with a personalized marketing content.



TOP 5 reasons to churn 55%

1. Less credit card transactions compared to previous months
2. Soon to repay personal loan
3. Low number of products
4. Client is younger than 35 years
5. Above avarage monthly income