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As many as 70 percent of digitalization projects fail due to difficulties in collecting and preparing data. By simplifying and automating the management of real-time data flows as well as static data companies and public sector will accelerate digital transformation, the use of big data and artificial intelligence, and increase the reliability of complex information systems and cloud services using different data sources, regardless of the type, location, time, and mode of operation.

CREApro, a leading company for business process optimization and artificial intelligence technology implementation in the region, has entered into a partnership agreement with Equalum, which includes the introduction of Equalum technology platform for autonomous and simultaneous processing of static data and real-time data flows. Based on the new partnership CREApro expects to strengthen its market position in the distribution and deployment of technologies for big data management, real-time data flows, artificial intelligence, business intelligence and innovative applications for product and business digitalization.

"Today's business success directly depends on the efficient acquisition and use of data from various sources. Digitalization of products and processes requires to connect multiple data sources and real-time data streams locally and in the cloud. The implementation of artificial intelligence technology directly depends on the speed and quality of data acquisition."

Equalum allows users to capture and process data fully automated, regardless of where, when, and how and in what form, without writing program code. An important advantage of this technology is that it simultaneously manages both real-time data streams as well as static data for background processing and establishes a secure smart data backbone.

“With increasing demands for digitalization, companies and the public sector can no longer effectively develop and maintain data interfaces and all the procedures implemented in the exchange and preparation of data for advanced applications. This not only means problems in the implementation of digitalization projects, but also slows down their development and progress and, finally, causes interruptions in the operation of their business and production processes. The existing methods of data exchange and preparation are inflexible and difficult to maintain, which is reflected in the high costs of their operation,” said Trampuž.

Data acquisition, integration and preparation is a thorn in the side of virtually all projects for the development and implementation of complex information solutions. This is even more pronounced with artificial intelligence and digitalization solutions. Namely, companies may need data from only a few sources or hundreds of them, the processes of their capture, transformation, analysis and distribution are still programmed manually by the development team. What companies need today is a reliable and intelligent data backbone which enables highly adaptable and robust management of data in motion.

Equalum automatically captures data from all possible sources, such as cloud services, databases, applications, files, sensors, and messaging systems. At the same time, it offers technologies by which companies and information product developers automate key data capture and preparation processes for cloud services, data warehousing, data lakes, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and for data exchange between information systems. The Equalum platform allows companies and the public sector to use a single flexible stand-alone solution instead of several different solutions used for different data sources, methods, and purposes. In addition to the simpler implementation of digitalization projects, it accelerates their development and progress, simplifies maintenance, and significantly reduces the cost of their operation. Based on innovation, performance, and ease of use, the Equalum autonomous platform has already paved its way among the world’s leading companies in retail and online commerce, manufacturing, digital media, and finance.